Experience an original concept, 10-courses of ‘Trust’. There is no menu, just your complete trust in our chefs. Exclusively on Tuesdays.


Introducing Trust, at Six by Nico. ​

Receiving a blank menu you’re invited to put your Trust in our chefs to curate a 10-course tasting experience like no other.

Upon the blank menu, you will find no more than the opportunity to write what you think you are enjoying. Using all of your senses, we invite you to test the ultimate feat of trust.

Are you ready to envelop yourself in a tasting menu full of trust?

Course 1


Course 2


Course 3


Course 4


Course 5

trust the chef...

Course 6


Course 7


Course 8


Course 9


Course 10



Cooking Until Tue 25th June

10 Course Tasting Menu - £45
Matching Wine - £30
Snacks - From £8.0
Aperitifs - From £8.5

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Please note this experience takes 3 hours to enjoy 10-courses.

- We require your card details to confirm your booking. Your card is not charged.
- This menu is only available on Mondays.
- The menu can cater to dietaries if notice is given.

If you plan on using a voucher towards your experience, please check your balance ahead of arrival. This can be done by going to gifts.sixbynico.co.uk/balance

If you need any assistance with this please contact vouchers@sixbynico.co.uk with your full voucher code.


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