I’m vegetarian/pescatrian - can you cater to this?

Yes of course we can! You can swap as many or as little of the regular menu dishes for their course equivalent ensuring you have the perfect Six by Nico Experience tailored to your needs.

I don’t like some of the ingredients/courses, can this be catered to?

Yes it can. If there is a specific ingredient you don’t like, please just add this to your booking notes and the team will adapt the dish for you. If you don’t like Course 1 on the regular menu for example, you can enjoy Course 1 from the vegetarian menu.

I will be dining on the Vegetarian menu, do I have to let you know before my visit?

No you don’t! The team will always ask you on the day of you visit what menu you would like to take a look at & if you have any questions or allergens.

I require a Vegan/Gluten Free/Dairy Free etc. menu - is this possible?

Yes it is! While some of the ingredients on the dish may not permit a suitable swap that would allow the dish to remain exactly the same, the team are more than happy to provide you with an alternative ensuring you can enjoy the 6-Course Tasting Experience.

I have a serious allergy to an ingredient on your menu - what should I do?

Can we kindly ask that you email our customer relations team, we take allergens very seriously at Six by Nico and want to ensure you have all the correct information before you visit.


I don’t like wine, do you have a drinks menu?

Yes we do! Just use the ‘Drinks Menu’ tab on the menu page. We have all the same offerings as a regular bar… you’re spoiled for choice!

Are kids welcome at your restaurant?

Yes of course they are! We do not have a kids menu, however kids are more than welcome & we will always try and accommodate in every way possible. If you have any particular queries please email our customer relations team.


Do you have space for prams?

If you are bringing a pram to the restaurant, we request that you include this in how many people you are booking for. For example, 2 people and one pram would require you to book a table for 3. You are not charged for this seat, it is simply so we can fit this in the space we have!

I’m pregnant and can’t eat specific ingredients - can you cater to this?

Yes we can! If you add to your booking notes that you are pregnant & list any ingredients you cannot have the team will make sure they accommodate this. If there is something you are particularly worried about please email

You’re fully booked online for the dates I want to visit, do you have a cancellation list?

The quickest way to secure a cancellation is via our website as this is a live feed to our reservation system. For example, if a guest cancels a table this is automatically shown on our booking page, and is accessed quicker this way. If you were to go via the team to book, this slot may be gone by the time you make contact.

Why can’t I book a table of 2, but I can make a reservation for 4 people?

We’re afraid we have an allocated amount of table sizes for guests! As we have reduced our capacity inline with COVID-19 measures, it is more difficult to reserve a table for 2. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Do you have a dress code?

No we do not! As long as you’re completely comfortable in your outfit, you’re more than welcome to enjoy our experience!

I am visiting you for a special occasion - can you do anything for this?

Of course, we love to make your visit to the restaurant as special as possible. Please just email your request to the relevant restaurant that you’re visiting below:

Glasgow -
Southside -
Edinburgh -
Belfast -
Manchester -
Liverpool -
London -
Canary Wharf -

I want to book for 6 or more people, how can I do this?

Absolutely, if you call the relevant restaurant they will be able to go through the booking procedure with you:

Glasgow - 0141 334 5661
Southside - 0141 348 2801
Edinburgh - 0131 225 5050
Belfast - 02890 329 467
Manchester - 0161 832 1815
Liverpool - 0151 236 4708
London - 020 7580 8143
Canary Wharf - 020 3912 3334

I have a Gift Voucher that is due to expire & I can’t make a reservation?

Not to worry. We are able to extend some vouchers so you don't miss out. If your voucher was due to expire between 1st January 2020 and 23rd July 2021 then this has automatically been extended until the 31st October 2021. If your voucher is not between these days, please email and the team will be able to do this for you!

Please note. Gift Experience vouchers differ from this so you should contact for assistance.

Can I use my Gift Voucher towards a Home by Nico box or any Home-x purchases?

HOME-X and Six by Nico are separate companies therefore vouchers for Six by Nico cannot be used for HOME-X purchases. If you have any queries regarding HOME-X vouchers please contact


Scotland: Currently, in Scotland there are no rules on entry regarding vaccinated status

England: Currently, in England, there are no rules on entry regarding vaccinated status

Ireland: You must show proof that you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months (proof of immunity). Children under 18 who are dining with you do not need proof of vaccination or recovery. You may be asked for proof that your child is under 18. Minors (people under 18) who are alone must show vaccination certs or proof of immunity.

Northern Ireland: Either proof of vaccination, a negative lateral flow test or a positive PCR test is required to enter the restaurant.


England: We welcome guests to wear face-covering however this is not required by law.

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland: You should wear a face-covering when you are not sitting at your table.